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Company Profile

Our Background

Surya Nepal Private Limited (SNPL) is a & Corporate shareholders and British American Tobacco (Investment) Limited, UK.

Our lines of business

We are currently engaged in the business of Cigarettes, Safety Matches, Agarbatti and Readymade Garments in Nepal.  SNPL’s commitment to its corporate vision “enduring value for all stakeholders” has been uncompromising through the years and is reflected in every product, process and service provided by the company.

The company has been recipient of prestigious FNCCI National Excellence Award for being the best managed corporation in Nepal. The company is also the recipient of various national safety and environmental awards and our factory is ISO -9001:2000 certified.

Our logo

Our logo stands for our ethos and the beliefs we hold true as a company. It reflects our passion for quality and excellence and our compelling vision to create enduring value for all our stakeholders.

The mountain stands for our deep roots in Nepal, and connotes a sense of solidity and permanence, symbolic of our position as the nation's foremost professionally managed company. The rising sun stands for leadership as well as our passion for excellence. It encapsulates the pioneering spirit that inspires us to create and innovate products that adhere to the highest international standards as well as create enduring value for our stakeholders. The sun also represents the optimism that we feel for the future, and our deep conviction that, by generating employment, earning foreign exchange and through our various CSR efforts, help create a better, brighter tomorrow for everyone.