Vision And Values

To be an internationally benchmarked multi-business corporation in Nepal, delighting domestic consumers with a proud “Made in Nepal”. To be a partner in nation-building and creating enduring values for all stakeholders.

Our Core Values

Nation Orientation
We are aware of our responsibility to generate economic value for the nation. In pursuit of our goals, we will make no compromise in complying with applicable laws and regulations at all levels.
1.As professional managers, we are conscious that SNPL has been given to us in “trust” by all our stakeholders. We will actualize stakeholder value and interest on a long-term sustainable basis.
2. Highest standard of Corporate Governance – Absolute Integrity.
We do what is right, do it well and win. We go the extra mile and seek superiority in all that we undertake.
Customer Focus
We are always customer-focused and will always strive to surpass customer expectations in terms of value, product quality and satisfaction.
Respect for People
1. We are result-focused, setting high performance standards for ourselves as individuals and teams.
2. We will always respect and value people and uphold human dignity.
3. We acknowledge that every individual brings a different perspective and capability to the team and that a strong team is driven by the variety of perspectives within it.
We will constantly pursue newer and better processes, products, services and management practices.
Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance is a systemic process by which companies are directed and controlled to enhance their wealth-generating capacities. The governance process should ensure that companies are managed within the applicable statutory parameters in a manner that meets stakeholders’ aspirations and societal expectations.
The operations of Surya Nepal Private Limited are governed by its Corporate Governance Policy.
SNPL believes that any meaningful policy on corporate governance must provide empowerment to the executive management of the company, and simultaneously create a mechanism of checks and balances which ensures that the decision-making powers vested in the executive management are not only not misused, but are used with care and responsibility.