​SNPL Asha is a CSR Platform which focuses on “Creating enduring value through community empowerment”. 

The strategies behind achieving the objective of “Community Empowerment” are as follows:
•    Empower the needy women of the society through vocational training. The empowerment would be triggered by organizing such women into Self Help Groups (SHW) to create sustainable income generating opportunities,
•    Initiate Agricultural Extension services especially in the area around the Simara Factory for the benefit of farmers situated there,
•    Support educational Institutions to enhance the quality of primary education for the deprived members of society 

A key initiative of the Asha Program is the partnership between SNPL and Teach for Nepal, a reputed NGO, with the objective of improving the quality of education in public schools. The partnership is operating in the Parsa and Tanahun districts with Teach for Nepal Fellows being placed in 8 schools, teaching Mathematics, Science and English with the primary objective of improving the SEE 10th Grade results. 

In another initiative, SNPL has extended vocational and skill development training in areas such as garment sewing and candle making which have successfully helped economically backward women.

SNPL pioneered and instituted the first ever Annual Social Entrepreneurship Awards for development of society with a focus on employment generation and sustainability. In the process five entrepreneurs amongst a large number of nominees engaged in entrepreneurship, were awarded a sum of NRs. 1 Lac each to help scale up their ventures.