SNPL Suswasthya


SNPL “Suswasthya”, as the name suggests, is a CSR Platform for “Creating enduring value through community health”

The company’s strategy for taking forward this CSR strategy has been to provide primary health services to the deprived members of the society. The projects undertaken so far under this Platform include free health camps, free bed support to patients of spinal injury, eye camps and dental camps for the underprivileged. SNPL has also donated ambulances as well as taken part in blood donation camps. The company has recently joined hands with the Nepal Orthopedic Hospital in raising funds for their community health programme.

Further, awareness camps have been organized on Health and hygiene, Family Planning, HIV AIDS, Child and Women Health Care. For drinking water, laying down of pipeline, construction of overhead water tanks, hand pumps and donation of generators for drinking water to the Simara Corporation have been some of the other activities. Infrastructural support has also been provided to the local community through drainage construction and the construction of community toilets.

CSR initiatives in this area will continue to focus on providing extended health services through periodic camps and specialized programmes around SNPL’S manufacturing units as a service to the community in these areas. 

With the commissioning of the Pokhara plant, SNPL will be able to redouble its efforts under this platform to the community in that area.