SNPL Khelparyatan

The SNPL Khelparyatan initiative is a CSR Platform that focuses on “Creating enduring value through sports and tourism”.

The company’s strategy under “Khelparyatan” is to sponsor sports tournaments and leverage the same to promote sports tourism in the country.

With the Nepal Government prioritizing Tourism development, SNPL’s focus has been on promoting Golf Tourism which has great potential for revenue generation for the country. The SNPL Golf Tour, launched with the sole objective of promoting and developing professional golf in Nepal, has been a great success with 9 events during the season. The tour is an excellent platform to leverage the rich tourist destinations around the golfing triangles of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Dharan.  

Today, SNPL’s CSR initiative of generating sports tourism in the country has received accolades from different quarters of society and “Khelparytan” will continue to be an important platform in Surya Nepal’s overall CSR Strategy.